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So what exactly is is the all-new way to end those textbook-buying blues! Buying textbooks for Canadian universities can be a harrowing experience, especially for your wallet. And as students, we know your wallet can only take so much harrowing! One semester of textbooks can cost you around $800! That's around $6,400 for the typical 4 year program before you see even a glint of the headlights of that bright green Honda Civic your friend promised to sell you. Not to mention the hassle and the long lines at the campus bookstore.

Renting from solves all these problems, and more. It's SO easy - go to, select your books, and watch your savings grow! Save up to 75% on every textbook you'll ever buy. That translates into thousands of dollars! When you're done the semester, mail it back to us with a free UPS mailing label and forget about it. Huge savings and super-speedy shipping; it's no wonder students from campuses across the country choose!

What's all the hype on campus about becoming a ambassador?
We are Canadian students. Our mission is saving students money. We have seen how textbook rental has helped students make extra cash in other countries over the last few years, So we'd rather pay a student to promote our service than some dusty old marketing agency filled with marketing agents who were last in college in the swingin' 50s studying from textbooks entitled "Why Man Will Never Walk on the Moon".

How do I sign up?
Click here, fill out the form, and submit it. It's that easy! If you're accepted, we will get back to you within 48 hours with more information, and your all-important Ambassador Code.

How much money can I earn?
That's entirely up to you. Are you well connected? How many friends do you have? How influential are you? Only your personality, passion, and leadership skills in your social circle will tell. So get creative! Everytime someone uses your Ambassador Code when they checkout you will get $6.00 per textbook credited to your account.

When do I get paid?
At any time you can use your credit to rent book on You can also login to your admin portal on and elect to receive payment. Payments will be made once $60 has been accumulated in your account. You can elect to receive a mailed cheque.

Will you help me market by giving discounts to the buyers?
Of course we will. Anything to help us both grow. When people checkout and use your Ambassador Code they will get a $3.00 saving per textbook at the checkout.

How do I know how much I have earned?
You will also receive an email everytime someone uses your affiliate code. At any time you can login to your admin portal on and see orders made on your Ambassador Code. These should be updated real-time but please contact us on [email protected] if you have any queries.

So besides money, cheap textbooks, and free stuff, what's in it or me?
If material riches aren't enough, the marketing training and leadership experience gained from our Ambassador Program are second to none. You'll have the opportunity to put your own creativity to the test by finding new and interesting ways to spread the word about Your participation and feedback will help advance, both as a company and as a social network. Become part of a dynamic and prosperous marketing team, at the same time making and saving your friends a ton of money!

Wouldn't this look great on a resume?: "As a Ambassador, I led a grassroots campaign utilizing on-the-ground promotion and social media to realize considerable dollar savings for a significant student population by switching their textbook purchasing pattern from ownership to rental. In addition to saving fellow students hundreds of dollars on their textbook rentals, I gained valuable insight into the workings of a marketing department by participating in an elite student advisory panel, which included regular contact with high-level business executives."

How do I get my Ambassador Code out there?
You tell us! Put it on your facebook page! Tweet it to your all followers! Create a rap for and post it on YouTube, complete with your Ambassador Code in the chorus. Go into the first Psychology 101 class of the year dressed like Superman (underwear over the pants, please) and hand out fliers. Come up with the most creative campaign and WIN GREAT PRIZES!

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