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How do I return my books?
Returning your books is easy! And now we have two ways to return your books for your convenience. Login to your account and it will prompt you to return your books. First, select how you will return your books: dropping them off at one of our depots or mailing them in for free. If you are close enough to a depot it will show you the location, hours of operation and phone number of the closest depot(s) to you. Click on the depot that you will be returning your books to and print out the confirmation. Its a good idea to call ahead to make sure they are opened (even with the hours of operation, we just don't want you driving all the way there for a depot to be closed). Hop on in your preferred mode of transportation and drop off the books. This option may not be presented to you if there are no depots close to your shipping address.

To return your books by mailing them to us for free click on the mailing option. The site will redirect you to a CanadaPost mailing label that you will print off. If you don't have a printer at that moment don't worry; an email will be sent to you with all your return information and a link to print off the mailing label. Once you have printed off your mailing label find a box that will fit your books inside without them moving around too much (a snug fit). To avoid unnecessary charges for damaged books pack them in a stronger box and use styrofoam peanuts/ balls of newspaper/ bubble wrap/ old yoga pants/ crunched up plastic bags to pad the book from the rough conditions of the mail system. If you are returning only one book you can use a padded envelope much like the envelope that we first sent you your book in (if you still have it!). Place the CanadaPost mailing label on the package making sure it is secure. Give it a good tape job to make sure those books or the mailing label wont fall off. Drop those books off at any CanadaPost mailbox or post office. If you are interested in making sure the books get to there destination safe you can take the tracking number down off the package and track your books on

How do I return my books early?
Following the same processes above. If you are returning your books early because you dropped the course and it has been under 10 days, see order returns / customer credit.

Where can I find out when my books are suppose to be returned?
Check your rental order confirmation email. It will have the important dates on it. You can also log in to your account to see when your books are due. You will be sent an email at least two weeks before your books are to be returned to us with instructions on how to return your books.

How do I ship my textbooks to
When you sell your textbooks to us, you will become eligible for free shipping. Your buyback will be increased with an additional amount to cover for shipping to our offices. Go to your nearest Canada Post office to mail your books. You will receive your payment via cheque, Paypal or store credit (whichever you would like) when we receive the textbooks. The site will show you how much shipping credit you are credit as you add your books.

Do I get money for returning my books?
Unfortunately, we are not a library. offers books up to 75% off the list price of the book and because of this we do not give money back after you return the book. Think about us like the ill-fated blockbuster; you get to rent the movies you want for a seriously discounted price (especially the newer books!) but they don't give you money for returning your movies. Why? Because you already got a discount!

What happens when my books are damaged?
If the book is highlighted or a little rough around the edges that's fine, it comes will owning a textbook.
Where we run into problems is when books come back to us with stains or water damage (pages rippling), excessive physical damage (pages or cover ripped, drawing on outside on the books, names or bad language written in it or spine damage), or any strong smells (smokes, mold, heavy perfumes) for more information see the unacceptable buyback conditions(link). If the books comes to us in any of these conditions we cannot rent this out to another student (would you want that book?) and we will have to purchase another one by charging your account the remaining cost of the book!! Oh no! We know! It's terrible to do and we really don't like doing it! But if we cannot rent the book out again because you got coffee all over it, you have to be responsible for replacing it. Just be considerate to the next person renting your book.
You are responsible for the rented book from the time it gets to you until it returns back to headquarters.

However, if the book has come to you with a little water damage or jacked up cover we make a note of that when we first sent out your book. This happens once in every 150-200 books we send out. We understand the trade up between quality and speed of delivery and in these cases the book would have been severely late is we had to find a new one.

Do I have to pay for postage (sending the books back through the mail)?
Nope. Your prepaid mailing label will cover the cost of the postage. It even has a tracking number so you can keep track of the package. To access this, log into your account, select the mail in option for returning your books. A PDF of the mailing label will come up and you can print that off. You also receive a return confirmation email with a link to the mailing label PDF as well.

However, if you do not return your books by the due date your mailing label will become invalid and you will not be able to activate your mailing label anymore. If that it the case you must pay for your own postage to return the books. Please make sure that you follow the instructions below on packaging your book safely and put your name and order number on the outside of the book so we know the book is yours.

Do I get reimbursed for my bus fare when I go to the post office / depot to returns books?
No. Seriously guys.

What is the best way to package my books when returning them by mail?
Because you are responsible for the book from the time it reaches you up until it reaches our office proper packing of your rental books can reduce the chances of the book being damaged (and you being charged for a replacement). If you have the original packaging the books came in (strong cardboard box or bubble envelope) this is the best box to return them again (and recycle!). If you did not keep the original packaging, pack the books in a strong cardboard box and use styrofoam peanuts/ balls of newspaper/ bubble wrap/ old yoga pants/ crunched up plastic bags to pad the book from the rough conditions of the mail system. A good rule to follow is to shake the box gently to make sure nothing moves around. Make sure to tape all the openings so that the books are secure and water cannot get into the packages.

Is there any special instructions I should follow when taking returning my books to the depot?
Make sure you select which depot you will be returning the books to. Print out the Packing List and keep it with your rental return so we know which book is yours when we receive them back at our head office.

Its also a good idea to call ahead to make sure they are opened as to not inconvenience you with an unnecessary drive.

I didn't have a printer by me when I first opened the mailing label to return my books. Where can I reprint this?
Not a problem, an email confirming your rental will be sent to the account you signed up with and that includes a link to the mailing label.

I'm having trouble printing the mailing slip.
The page that is required needs a normal 7 1/2 x 11' paper. Is you are having further issues please email [email protected] with your order number and name and a brief description of the problem.

Is there a late fee if I don't return the books on time?
As long as you have sent the package (received by Canada Post) by the day it is due you will not be charged any late fees. If you do not return the book by this date, you will be deemed to have purchased the book from us at our used book price listed on our website or the list price less the rental price if we are not selling the book used, as at the due date. If the book is returned within 7 days (received by Canada Post) from the due date, you will be refunded this late fee less a $10 admin fee for each book.

For bookstore/depot returns, if the book is not processed at the depot by the due date (or the first business day) after the due date your rental is late and subject to the late fee discussed above. After 7 days your account will be (or already have been) charged the price of a used book. The rental period has expired and the books are now yours to keep. This is why it's really important to return your book on time or make arrangements prior to the due date to extend your rental.

I tried to extend my return and I'm having difficulties on the site.
It you ever have any issues with the site you can chat with us (if we are not online we leave us a note and we can get back to you!) or by emailing [email protected] We do take the weekends off for the most part and if we do not get back to you on a Friday night you can be sure to receive a solution by Monday without any charges over the weekend.

I was out of the country when my books were suppose to be returned!
While every case is different you are a responsible person and we take all things into consideration. If you know you will have difficulty returning the books on time give us a call, chat with us on the site or email [email protected] and we can try to work something out. Returning your books early is the best way to avoid additional charges.

Help! My exam is on Christmas eve so books will be a few days late! Will I still be charged?
Again, every case is different. If you know your book will be late let us know and we can try to work something out with you.

I need the book for another semester. How will the charge be applied?
If you need the book for another semester please let us know by emailing [email protected] and we can give you a new price for the rental return.

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